LET ME SHOW YOU THE WORLD IN MY EYES, a will graham fanmix for those moments when your senses overwhelm you and you get lost inside your own head.

{ L I S T E N }  { D O W N L O A D }

The forces from Dol Guldur had been defeated four times by the Elves of Lórien. So then on March 28, Celeborn led many elves from Lothlórien across the river Anduin in a fleet of boats. The elves invaded. When they reached Dol Guldur, a defense had already been prepared and the siege endured some days. As they marched on the fortress, bows strung, a group of orcs mounted on the backs of Wargs and Giant Spiders charged them. They were soon shot down.

 When the fortress was surrounded, Galadriel slowly walked to the fortified gate of the fortress. Orcish arrows flew about her, yet her Elven Ring protected her. With a gentle push from her ladyship, the gates swung forward and Galadriel with her ring cast down the walls, foul pits, crevices, caused grasses, and fruit trees to grow. The evil realm of Dol Guldur was finally destroyed. Galadriel caused an Elanor flower to grow in the middle of the old fortress. The forest was cleansed.

The Unquiet Dead

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